The aim of the project is to carry out research in nanotechnology and to encourage researchers to take up jobs in the European nanotechnology industry. This will be achieved by giving them intellectually stimulating and industrially relevant research projects that will be undertaken collaboratively by universities and industry. The research projects cover green energy-generating nanomaterials for solar cells and batteries, the organization and characterization of nanostructure, and lightweight/ longer life nanostructured materials for improving energy efficiency. The programme will provide researchers with state-of-the-art concepts and leading-edge research techniques for the study of nanostructured materials together with secondments and complementary management training. A network of universities, research institutes and companies has been set up that will carry out the integrated research and training programme. The research will educate a new generation of scientists and engineers in the disciplines needed to understand nanosciences and nanostructured materials. A multidisciplinary approach will be applied encompassing chemistry, physics, instrumentation, computational modelling, engineering and product design. The early-stage researchers will be educated to appreciate manufacturing methods and their limitations, materials performance and their realistic potential for industrial exploitation. The programme will provide a rounded education by also developing management and personal abilities, and enhancing career prospects. The work will create new insights and knowledge and stimulate scientists and engineers to take up industrial careers in nanotechnology.